Monday, February 18, 2013

Metro Bus Lahore

Metro Bus Lahore is the first rapid bus services project in Pakistan.   27-kilometres long road track for the Metro Bus Service, from Gajumata to Shahadra, out of this track 8.5 km is elevated. Travel time for the 27 km will be 50 minuts. It has 29 bus stations and e-ticketing and Intelligent Transportation System are part of the Metro Bus System.  This project is accomplished with Approximately 30 Arab repee.  All financial support face by Punjab Govt.  A special Credit gone to Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

LDA Director Said around 112,000 people can benefit from the service everyday. Around 45 buses with a capacity of 150 passengers each would travel between Gajju Matta and Shahdara in 50 minutes, by stopping at all junctions.

He said the 8.5 km elevated track would allow speeds up to 60km per hour. Around 25 million people use similar buses around the world, he added. Cheema said a similar project in Turkey had taken 42 months to build but Metro Bus Lahore had finished its project in 11 months.

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Services of this project are great but there is some question are unanswered that is.
  1. Is Metro Bus System the need for year 2013 ?
  2. MBS is necessary than that of other crises like as energy, education, security?
  3. Can we face the burden of such MBS advance infrastructure project?
  4. Huge portion of  Punjab budget impose on MBS either it is injustice with the other Punjab area?

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